10 Takeaways from General Conference

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Henry B. Erying

“If you trust God enough to listen for His message in every sermon, song, and prayer in this conference, you will find it. And if you then go and do what He would have you do, your power to trust Him will grow, and in time you will be overwhelmed with gratitude to find that He has come to trust you”

1. Let God Prevail

Godprevail 10 Takeaways from General Conference

Russell M. Nelson

“Today we often hear about “a new normal.” If you really want to embrace “a new normal,” I invite you to turn your heart, mind, and soul increasingly to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Let that be your “new normal.

Embrace your “new normal” by repenting daily. Seek to be increasingly pure in thought, word, and deed. Minister to others. Keep an eternal perspective. Magnify your callings. And, whatever your challenges, my dear brothers and sisters, live each day so that you are more prepared to meet your Maker

When your greatest desire is to let God prevail, to be part of Israel, so many decisions become easier. So many issues become non-issues! You know how best to groom yourself. You know what to watch and read, where to spend your time, and with whom to associate. You know what you want to accomplish. You know the kind of person you really want to become.”

2. God Knows you and Loves you

10 things from general conference 10 Takeaways from General Conference

Henry B. Erying

“Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know and love you. They want you to return to Them and become like Them. Your success is Their success. You have felt that love confirmed by the Holy Ghost when you have read or heard these words: “For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39).”

Dale G. Renlund

“Am I doing enough?” “What else should I be doing?” Or “How can I, as a flawed person, qualify to ‘dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness’ (Mosiah 2:41)?”

The good news is that because of and through Jesus Christ we can become enough.”

Scott D. Whiting

“You are good enough, you are loved, but that does not mean that you are yet complete. There is work to be done in this life and the next.”

Carlos A Godoy

“The Lord is aware of the challenges you face. He knows you, He loves you, and I promise, He will send angels to help you.”

3. The small things like Prayer, bring about Great things

General Conference Insights 10 Takeaways from General Conference

Gerrit W. Gong

“By small and simple means—in which we are each invited to participate—great things are brought to pass. To each of us in every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, God promises, covenants, and invites us to come partake of His abundant joy and goodness.”

M. Russell Ballard

“During the past few months I have had the impression come to me that the best way to help the current world situation is for all people to rely more fully upon God and to turn their hearts to Him through sincere prayer. Humbling ourselves and seeking heaven’s inspiration to endure or conquer what is before us will be our safest and surest way to move confidently forward through these troubling times.

Pray for your family. Pray for the leaders of nations. Pray for the courageous people who are on the front lines in the current battles against social, environmental, political and biological plagues that impact all people throughout the world, the rich and the poor, the young and the old.”

4. Pressing Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

If there is one thing I know, this virus did not catch Heavenly Father by surprise. He did not have to muster additional battalions of angels, call emergency meetings, or divert resources from the world-creation division to handle an unexpected need.

Even though this pandemic is not what we wanted or expected—God has prepared His children and His Church for this time.
We will endure this, yes. But we will do more than simply grit our teeth, hold on, and wait for things to return to the old normal. We will move forward, and we will be better as a result.

Jeffery R. Holland

“While we work and wait together for the answers to some of our prayers, I offer you my apostolic promise that they are heard and they are answered, though perhaps not at the time or in the way we wanted.”

Gary E Stevenson

Many of us have dealt with deep disappointment and sorrow this year. With all we are facing in the world today, how do we heal, endure, and move forward with faith?
Even during times of affliction and heartbreaking disappointment we are still “highly favored of the Lord” (1 Nephi 1:1).

5. Be United and Be One

General Conference Highlights and Thoughts 1 10 Takeaways from General Conference

Dallin H. Oaks

“The Savior’s teaching to love our enemies is based on the reality that all mortals are beloved children of God. Knowing that we are all children of God gives us a divine vision of the worth of all others and the will and ability to rise above prejudice and racism.

As citizens and as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we must do better to help root out racism.”

Quentin L Cook

“As members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we can be a force to lift and bless society as a whole. We can be united in our love of and faith in Jesus Christ.

We can achieve greater unity as we foster an atmosphere of inclusion and respect for diversity.

When people love God with all their hearts and righteously strive to become like Him, there is less strife and contention in society. There is more unity.”

D. Todd Christofferson

If enough of us and enough of our neighbors make our decisions and guide our lives by the truth of God, the moral virtues needed in every society will abound.

6. Resist Temptation

General Conference Highlights and takeaways 10 Takeaways from General Conference

Ulisses Soares

“Metaphorically speaking, yielding to temptation is like approaching a magnet with a metal object. The magnet’s invisible force attracts the metal object and holds it tightly. The magnet loses its power over it only when the metal object is placed far from it. Therefore, just as the magnet is unable to exercise power over a faraway metal object, as we resist temptation it fades away and loses its power over our mind and heart and, consequently, over our actions.”

Matthew S. Holland

“Through the staggering goodness of Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement, we can escape the deserved agonies of our moral failings and overcome the undeserved agonies of our mortal misfortunes.”

7. Be Prepared

10 thoughts from general conference 10 Takeaways from General Conference

-David A Bednar

In challenging circumstances, we can be guided and strengthened by two basic principles: preparation and pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ.

What have we learned during these recent months of lifestyle adjustments and restrictions? What do we need to improve in our lives spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually?

In all of this, we know that as we “press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men” (2 Nephi 31:20), we are blessed with an eternal perspective and vision that stretches far beyond our limited mortal capacity.

Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

The Lord does not expect us to do more than we can do, but He does expect us to do what we can do … when we can do it.

8. Unusual times can bring unusual rewards

10 things to takeaway from general conference 10 Takeaways from General Conference

– David a Bednar

“The year 2020 has been marked, in part, by a global pandemic that has proved, examined and tried us in many ways. I pray that we as individuals and families are learning the valuable lessons that only challenging experiences can teach us.”

Gerrit W. Gong

As ‘fellowcitizens with the saints,’ we are invited to change the world for the better, from the inside out, one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

“The pandemic has introduced numerous opportunities to hone our ministering skills.”

9. Become Like Jesus

Generral Conference 10 10 Takeaways from General Conference

Sister Michelle Craig.

“Through the power of the Holy Ghost, Christ will enable us to see ourselves and see others as He does.”

“We can, indeed, all cherish the best of our individual earthly cultures and still be full participants in the oldest culture of them all — the original, the eternal culture that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.” William K. Jackson

Lisa Harkness

“Regardless of our circumstances, we can intentionally make efforts to build and increase our faith in Jesus Christ.”

10. Do the Greatest work

Ronald A. Rasband

“To be ‘recommended to the Lord’ is to be reminded of what is expected of a covenant-keeping Latter-day Saint.”

Neil L Anderson

“We care more about being His followers than being ‘liked’ by our own followers.”

Russell M Nelson

“As you study your scriptures during the next six months, I encourage you to make a list of all that the Lord has promised He will do for covenant Israel. I think you will be astounded.”

Jeremy R Jaggi

“Where we make sacred covenants with God — the temple — is temporarily closed. Where we keep covenants with God — the home — is open.”

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