3 questions that will help you know what you should do for work

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1- What gets you into flow?

Also known as the ‘zone’, the mental state of operation in which you’re so fully immersed in a activity with a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity You’ll literally lose sense of time and space:

2- Where could you add the most value to others?

Notice I didn’t say “Do what you love” Rather, focus on losing yourself in service

It can be helpful to consider…

-INNOVATIVE: A new industry with momentum but isn’t saturated yet. Or it could be potentially disruptive ( if you haven’t read Clay Christensens books- read them!)

-LUCRATIVE: Makes decent money so you can “Do What You Love” on your own terms. Interview people about lifestyles in various industries, look at your long term goals, go through these questions again.

Comment below, Is your answer what you thought?

3- Are you willing to do whatever God asks?

Now, toss it. That’s right- throw it out Then, get on your knees and ask for direction. If you’re willing to do whatever God asks, the inspiration will come. It may be just what you have planned, but it may also not fit any of your criteria.

When I was searching for new employment in another state, I had made up in my mind the following critiera

  • It needs to align with my long term goals (owning my own consulting company, retiring early and serving a mission with my wife)
  • I need to make at least X amount, so we can purchase X style and size of home for our family
  • It needs to be in one of the following industries, business consulting, finance, marketing

My list went on and on. Down to the kind of clothes I wanted to wear at work.

You may have asked yourself similar questions

  • Do you want to work full-time or part-time? Fixed hours or when you want?
  • Have three different jobs on the go or deep-dive into one area?
  • Use your hands and your body more, or your mind and your mouth?
  • Would you prefer to have total autonomy or be part of a team?
  • Travel regularly or stay in one place?
  • Get paid for results, or sit on a salary?
  • Work in your underpants or rock a sharp suit?

I filled out dozens of job applications matching my critiera. I

Nothing ending up feeling right or panning out. So I expanded and adjusted my criteria.

After a couple of months, my wife finally said it “Sweety, your problem is your pride. Stop applying for jobs that fit your criteria and just ask the Lord where He wants you to work. It doesn’t matter where it is, or what it is, just do what He says. You haven’t even asked him, or at least, you haven’t been ready to really listen.”

I realized she was right. Although I had asked for direction in my searches. I had not open my heart to be completely open to whatever or wherever it was He wanted me. I believe the prior questions and work done are still important to the job search. But at the end of the day, soften your heart and listen.

I knelt down and prayed. There came but one simple thought to my head “email the Lisonbees.”

David and Bianca Lisonbee had served as my Mission President in Brazil. They owned a multi-level marketing company called 4Life Research that made immune system supplements.

Direct selling and multi-level marketing had left a bad taste in my mouth. The health supplement industry was one of the industries I was the least interested in. The impression made no sense. I also loved the Lisonbees, what would happen to our relationship if I were to try to have a professional one with them? Could it put a strain on it?

I nonetheless followed the impression. I had no idea what to expect. Perhaps direction to become a distributor. I did my best to be open to whatever it was. Shortly after, I received a phone call from Danny Lee, the CEO of 4Life. He talked about a spot for me to assist with the Market of Brazil. The position didn’t make a ton of sense to what I thought my career path should be. But it felt right and that was enough for us.

So no, I didn’t quite get the salary I wanted. No, we couldn’t afford a house we wanted. Yes we lived with my inlaws for a period of time and now we rent an apartment. No, it’s not what I expected to be doing for a career.

But yes, I’ve never loved a job or a career more.

Revelation takes actual work. When He speaks, do it. Nothing else will bring you greater joy.

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